Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Songbird | Free iTunes alternative / iPod Manager review

It's sometimes a mess working with iTunes. Especially with its sync option, its difficult to maintain the library on multiple machines. Surprisingly the alternatives available for iTunes are also functionally rich softwares. And moreover many of them are free softwares. I reviewed some of the applications and would discuss about the ones that I found was the best as an iTunes alternative / iPod Manager. In this post I would like to focus on an application called Songbird which has some unique features to mention.
Songbird (Android devices)
This comes second in my list as an iTunes alternative. But lately its been noticed what Songbird is not supporting any iOS devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad. But it supports many other devices especially Android devices. This is a very feature rich applications, especially with its add on facilty. It also supports many media file formats. Also it supports both audio and video files. Another advantage of Songbird is that it works on both pc and mac. So go for it if you have an android device and not an apple iphone/ipad/ipod. There is an android app for SongBird in Android Market.
Follow the link for SongBird : http://getsongbird.com/

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