Saturday, February 11, 2012

Screen Rotation Lock - iPhone / iPod / iPad

Many a times the automatic screen rotation option in iOS is highly annoying. Especially while checking out google maps / reading e-books / watching movies / playing games. iPhone / iPod / iPad provides option to lock/disable/turn off the screen rotation whenever you dont want the option. This is a real handy feature provided by iOS. This feature is for iOS 4+.

Double click your home button to bring up task manager. Navigate to the left of the application list by sliding your finger on the task manager to the right. When you slide one screen from the default position, it gives you a screen with iPod option icons and on the left of this menu icons you can see a gray icon with a round arrow. Click this icon and the screen rotation is disabled on your device until you press this icon again to enable the screen rotation.

You can lock the screen rotation and press the home button to start using any other applications as normal. Follow the above steps to come back to this icon to disable Screen Rotation.

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