Monday, February 13, 2012

iPhone / iPod / iPad Screen Shot (Capture)

Many a times we want to capture (Screen Shot) the iPhone / iPod / iPad screen, similar to the way we do a "Print Screen" on our computer. You can use this to capture and share some display on your device or send reference to some error messages displayed on your screen or even to share a high score displayed on your screen. ;) iOS provides a very efficient way for this. the screen capture is very clear and vivid.

When you have the screen to capture on your device, hold your home button for a second. While still holding the home button press the power/sleep/wake button on your device to capture the screen. Your iPhone / iPod / iPad will give a camera shutter like sound and a white flash on your screen representing a successful screen capture.

To view the captured screen go to, "Photos" app -> "Camera Roll" and your last screen capture must be there as the latest picture there.

Note: The power button on iPhone is on the top side of your iPhone towards the right side. It is the same Sleep/Wake button on iPad. The home button is the round button on the front (towards the bottom of the screen) of your iPhone / iPod /iPad.

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