Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to charge iPad faster

Internally all apple products use lithium-polymer battery. In iPad 2's case, the battery is even larger with 25 watt hour battery, making it more power hunger from the power source, but allows you to surf, listen to music or watch movies for 10 hours.

10W AC Adaptor
The best option to charge an iPad faster is the 10W AC Power adapter which charges iPad 2 from the wall power socket. This is the fastest and most efficient charging mechanism for iPad especially iPad2, as iPad2 is more recharge power hungry because of its larger battery.

USB Port
All USB ports doesn't charge iPad 2. Most Windows based PCs and old Mac's doesn't charge iPad 2, because of its higher power source requirements. Check this post for more details and how to enable usb to charge iPad.
On your laptop, some usb ports are exclusively powered and some shared, so try and find the best usb that gives more power for your iPad.
Some laptops like Mac Book Air which can power external disc drive gives more power output making it more suitable for iPad charging.

Car Adapter charger
Its is most convenient charging option if you are going out and travelling in car. But when you grab the car charger from your electonic store make sure to check its compatibility with iPad2.

Battery Packs
Battery packs are becoming more common now a days with more smart phones and tablets. But for your iPad requirements, make sure to get a battery pack which is iPad compatible. Many of the battery packs supports multiple devices which is very good. Also many of them support multiple power sources to recharge.

Cycle the battery
This rule is not only applicable for your iPad, but also for all your mobile devices running on battery power. The procedure is to completely drain your battery to 0 till it automatically goes to shut down mode. Then at a stretch recharge it to 100%. Do this atleast once a month for better life of your battery.

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