Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Top Best iTunes alternative / iPod Manager review

It's sometimes a mess working with iTunes. Especially with its sync option, its difficult to maintain the library on multiple machines. Surprisingly the alternatives available for iTunes are also functionally rich softwares. And moreover many of them are free softwares. I reviewed some of the applications and would discuss about the ones that I found was the best as an iTunes alternative / iPod Manager.

CopyTrans Manager

This would come as my first choice when looking out for a free iTunes alternative / iPad manager. The best thing about this little software is it does what it is supposed to do quiet neatly. You can start using this piece of software without much help documentation in no time. May be the basic listings resemble iTunes, the interface is quiet easy. And the commin options we would look out in this software is easily visible and accessible. It supports all versions of iPhone/iPod/iPad including the latest iOS5. It is compatible with your PC running on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Like iTunes you can play music and video from CopyTrans Manager. You can also organize your EBooks and Apps using CopyTrans manager. The applications is available for download as an installable file as well as as zip file with only the executable file.

The main disadvantage of this software is that it does not permit you to copy music/ebooks/podcasts from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer. But this is possible with an extended version for the software which is CopyTrans 4 which is part of CopyTrans Suite which is free to try. It can repopulate your iTunes Library from your iPod to your PC. Eventhough great as a utility, the interface is a little dull but can't complaint about it.

Follow the link for CopyTrans Manager : http://www.copytrans.net/copytransmanager.php

Songbird (Android devices)

This comes second in my list as an iTunes alternative. But lately its been noticed what Songbird is not supporting any iOS devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad. But it supports many other devices especially Android devices. This is a very feature rich applications, especially with its add on facilty. It also supports many media file formats. Also it supports both audio and video files. Another advantage of Songbird is that it works on both pc and mac. So go for it if you have an android device and not an apple iphone/ipad/ipod. There is an android app for SongBird in Android Market.

Follow the link for SongBird : http://getsongbird.com/


DoubleTwist is another very good piece of software for those who dont like to mess up with apple iTunes. It supports many devices including iOS(iphone/ipad/ipod) and Android ones. One great use of the applications is to find new music and podcasts. Another very cool feature of DoubleTwist is that is supports AirSync. You can download DoubleTwist app from Android market for free and you can sync your music library without physically connection your device to your pc/mac with wires. DoubleTwist is available for both windows and mac.
Follow the link for DoubleTwist : http://doubletwist.com/


It is a nice little software for the purpose, but is kind of obselete now, because it does'nt support the new iOS devices including iPhone4 and iPad2. Otherwise it would have been a great software because it enables 2 great features. First it lets you install the application onto your iPod so that you can plug it into any machine and use SharePod. But it required iTunes to be installed on the machine to work with iPhone and iPod touch. A second cool feature of the application is that it permits you to transfer your ipod device content to your pc.

These are some of the best and most useful softwares which can be used as alternatives to ITunes. There are some more useful softwares in this category. Some of them are Amarok, Banshee,Floola,gtkpod,MediaMonkey,Rhythmbox,Winamp,YamiPod. I will review them later.

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