Wednesday, February 8, 2012

iPad trouble connecting to Wi-Fi wireless network issue

This a very annoying issue with iPad / iPad 2. Many of my friends has mentioned this issue. Once the WiFi gets disconnected on the iPad, then its really a headache to get it back. The issue is mostly seen if you are moving around with your iPad and you happen to be at a position where the WiFi signal is feeble. Even after to get back to the position with proper signals, the WiFi symbol shows good signal, but the web pages doesn't load. Another situation when the disconnection happens is when the iPad goes to sleep and wake up after sometime.

Eventhough the issue is a very annoying one we can get back the connectivity in a cheesy way.

Option 1) Try to reset the iPad network settings. This can be done by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Most of the time this should solve the issue.

Option 2) Try hard reset the iPad. This can be done by pressing the Sleep/Wake button on top of the iPad till you find a "Slide to Power Off" slider on the screen. Power off the device and wait for a couple of seconds to ensure the process is complete. In a while press the Sleep/Wake button again to switch on the iPad. Now you must be connected to the WiFi.

Option 3) Try this funny solution for yourself. :) . Once your iPad / iPad 2 is woken up from sleep and you find there is issue with Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, go to settings and try adjusting the brightness. This could magically help you restore your wifi connection sometimes. :)

Other suggestions:
Always make sure that there is no conflict with the SSID with any wireless networks around. If this is the case then it should seriously be resolved else it will confuse the iPad.

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