Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone4 doesn't have Panorama with iOS6

Bad news for iPhone 4 users...

iPhone4 doesn't have panorama option. Only iPhone5 and iPhone4S supports Panorama option in iPhone Camera. Check out the list of features iOS6 supports.

Maps: Flyover
Maps: Turn-by-turn144
Facebook integration
Shared Photo Streams
Camera: Panorama
Camera: Snap stills while recording✓ 
FaceTime over cellular3
Phone: Reply/Remind
Do Not Disturb
Mail VIPs
Safari: Full screen view ✓
Safari: Offline reading list
Guided Access
Made for iPhone hearing aids
  1. Cellular data charges may apply.
  2. Siri requires Internet access. Siri may not be available in all languages or all areas, and features may vary by area. Cellular data charges may apply.
  3. Carrier data charges may apply. FaceTime is not available in all countries.
  4. Turn-by-turn navigation is available only with iPad models with cellular data capability.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to see battery percentage on iPhone / iPad / iPod

Its sometimes very useful to know the exact remaining battery percentage on your iPhone and iPad or iPod. It helps you better manage your phone usage to preserve the battery and plan better. The battery symbol helps to get an idea about the remaining power storage in your phone, but its difficult to judge the exact remaining power from the battery graph. This is when the percentage count comes handy.  Also the best part of this is that it is part of iOS and not any third party app.

To enable this option:
Settings > General > Usage >Battery Usage.
Here turn on the battery Percentage option.

This option can be used to enable ( turn on ) / disable ( turn off ) the remaining battery percentage on your iPhone or iPad.

How to create folder in iPad / iPhone / iOS

Its very simple yet very useful option to create a folder on your iOS device including an iPad or an iPhone. This is also applicable on your new iPod.
Step 1: Tap and hold any app (application) icon on your iPhone or iPad for 2-3 seconds. By this time all the icons starts to jiggle/wiggle.
Step 2: Tap an icon, hold, drag it onto another app icon and release. Both the apps get grouped into a folder.
Step 3: By default a name is given to this folder depending on the category of the containing apps. You can change the folder name as well.