Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iPad 3 Release Date- March 2012 - Features and Specifications

iPad is one of the world's best rated tablet. Actually if I ask any of my friends and colleagues who use iPad along with other tablets, they say iPad is by far the best and there is none anywhere closer to this magic device.

The latest news is that iPad is launching its next successor, the iPad 3. Because apple has already started mass production of the device in its China factory, some of the technical specifications are out already.

In short the new iPad3 will be thinner(20%) and sleekier in design (wow..), a resolution higher than a full HDTV(2048x1536) ( :| ) and above all lighter and longer running battery compared to iPad2.. Really excited ha.. so am I..

There is also a rumor that iPad 3 can charge over wireless which is a little hard to believe as I have been long waiting for the technology world to invent something of this kind.


A6 Processor: This is said to be a quad-core processor compared to the predecessor A5 chipset which is dual core and 1Ghz. iPad2 has an A5 processor which is very fast. So A6 processor is supposed to have a processing capability of a normal desktop computer.

Retina Display: Apple users has already seen this with iPhone4. How Apple manage to to bring this crystal clarity display is by packing maximum display pixels (smallest unit of display on a screen) into the smallest area possible. This in iPhone 4 apple succeeded in packing 326 pixels into an inch. So in effect a pixel is only 78 micrometers wide. Resulting in a 960 x 640 display into a 3.5 inch display for iPhone4. When this same retina display technology is applied to iPad 3, its resolution would be 2048 x  1536. which is higher than the current full HD TVs in the market.

Camera: One of the main downside of iPad2 was the camera. Even though front camera was an addition, the overall camera output quality was not good at all. We can expect a better camera on iPad3 with atleast 5 Megapixel still photography and 1080p (Full HD) / 720p (Standard HD) video recording with 60 fps (frames per second)

Fingerprint proof: With news that Apple already having grabbed patent on this technology, we can expect a fingerprint proof iPad3. How a fingerprint proof surface is usually created is by coating the surface with oleophobic materials which will reduce the oil and fingerprint marks on the coated surface. So the new iPad3 can either have a finger print free touch screen or also a fingerprint free body.

iOS5: iPad3 would be loaded with the latest iOS5. iOS 5 has already launched last september. iOS 5 is by far one of the best OS on any handheld devices.

iPad 3 Release Date
The Launch date for iPad 3 is expected to be in March 2012. Reports already say that Apple factories in China has already started production of the device and work 24 hours a day. So we can expect Apple is planning a great launch for the device. Also it would be a launch without Steve Jobs.. 

iPad 3 Price
The pricing for iPad 3 is unknown yet. But we can expect the price is only nominally higher than iPad2.

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