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How to connect iPad to tv (wireless & wired)

iPad when compared to iPhone is a great device to watch movies for its sharp display and portability. But sometimes you might want to watch your video collection on your ipad on your TV Screen with your family or friends. Now the first concern is, do my television model support iPad connectivity. Second concern is how to connect your iPad to your TV set. The first question we will discuss in the following sections. The simplest answer to your second question is a simple "yes". Only that, the options and methods vary, but its possible, even if your tv is 15 years old, or its the latest, 3d HD OLED TV. This article takes you step by step on how to connect your iPad to your HDTV / old television / Projector / Computer monitor.

Option 1: Connect iPad to TV using HDMI cable/port :

This is the most effective and easiest method to display video on your iPad on your TV Screen. But, it is feasable only if your TV has an HDMI port. All the latest television sets on sale in the market has HDMI support. But older models mainly the CRT ones does'nt usually have an HDMI port.

Once you make sure your TV Supports HDMI, you need to get an Apple Digital AV Adapter. As your iPad doesn't have an HDMI port, this adapter works as an extension to your iPAD. The Adapter is available on Apple online store. The price is around USD 39. Connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter to your iPAD. Then plug one end of your HDMI cable to your TV and the other end to the Apple Digital AV Adapter. Now you are ready to go.

The main advantage of HDMI is that it allows HD quality video transfered to your television. Also audio signals are transferred though the same cable. As iPad 2 supports 1080p (Full HD) video, HDMI transfer of videos to an HD tv is a great option.

Video mirroring is another advantage of using HDMI and Digital AV Adapter for iPad 2. If you use home sharing in conjunction to the HDMI and Digital AV Adapter then you can also stream videos to your HD television.

Option 2 : Connect iPad to TV using component and composite cables:
If HDMI is not at all an option for you, then try the old component/composite cables to connect your iPad to your TV. The normal cases when you cannot use HDMI is when your TV doesn't have an HDMI port or you are running low on HDMI outputs. The composite cable can be purchased from apple online store for USD 39.

You can connect the apple supported side of the cable to your iPad and the other side will be a three headed (3-headed) side which you can connect to corresponsing sockets on your tv. In case your tv doesnt support this component cable, you can get composite adapter from the market, which should be cheap enough.

The main downside of this cable is it doesn't support High Definition (HD) Video.

Option 3 : Connect iPad to TV/Computer monitor/Projector using Apple's VGA adapter
This option comes as the third best option if both option1 and option2 fails or is not possible. In a way VGA adapter is more versatile because most of the devices produced in the past 10-15 years has a VGA port. The main advantage of VGA port is that its still supported by most of the TV manufacturers as its a standard way to connect computer monitors and projectors.

The main disadvantage of VGA adapter is that it doesn't support HD videos and it doesn't support audio at all. So you will be forced to use the inbuild speaker of iPad or else you will need to take audio from the standard headset jack (3.5mm) of your iPad and connect it to an amplifier system to boost up the audio signals. By the way iPad 2 mirroring is supported over VGA adapter cable. So the bottom line is go for this option if HDMI option is anot available and your requirement is not for watching HD videos and only for low resolution viewing or projecting.

Option 4 : Connect iPad to TV using Apple TV AirPlay

This is a great gadget to your apple family. If you are a great fan of viewing everything on your HDTV, AirPlay is a must have to your collection. Apple AirPlay makes your TV and Apple TV. AirPlay helps to stream video from your iPad apps to your HDTV. But the apps need to support AirPlay functionality. Many of the popular iPad apps like Youtube, ESPN, IMDB and Discovery Channel already supports AirPlay streaming functionality.

The main advantage of Apple AirPlay is it allows wireless video streaming from your iPad to your television set. Another major advantage is that now with iOS 5 update, AirPlay is real value for money. It now supports iPad 2 display mirroring. That means you can now use Airplay for apps that doesn't support it. You can use display mirroring to stream videos or even apps and view them onto your HDTV or any other TV, all without wires running around.

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