Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to sync iPhone Calendar with Google Calendar

It is a common issue with iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) users, that your iPhone calender doesn't get synced with your Google Calendar. All your entries in the google calendar would be reflected on your iPhone but the vice versa doesn't work.
You can follow the below mentioned steps to resolve this issue. Its all about a little configurations on your iPhone.

1.  On iPhone go to :  Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars->(scroll down to calendars)->Default Calendar->select Gmail calendar.

2.  Now go back to your main page on iPhone and select Calendar.

3.  Select "LIST" view of your events/dates/appointments.

4.  Notice that each event has a colored bullet to the left.  This indicates which calendar it belongs to (in my case orange bullets were for Outlook and Green for Google). 

5.  What I found was that the events NOT showing up on my google calendar were actually somehow default created in Outlook.  So to quickly change them over (and get them to show up on your Google Cal in both your laptop and iPhone)---do the following:

a.  Select an item from the list that you want to show up on your Google Calendar.  Open that item.
b. Edit the item.
c.  Scroll down to where you see "CALENDAR"
d.  Select CALENDAR and then place a check next to your google calendar.

You have just moved this item back to google.  Since google is now your 'default calendar (see step 1 up above), it should from here on out make all your apptmts in Google Calendar. 

Now it works....

Next step to manually sync you can follow the below steps:

to manually sync things up and check to make sure this worked you need to do two things:

1.  On iPhone:  Open Calendar and then hit "CALENDAR" on upper left.  In bottom left hand side of screen is a circle with an arrow...hit that.  It seems to send whatever you just did...out to Google Calendars.

2.  On your Google Calendar---on top right there is a button that says "MORE"---hit that and scroll down to "REFRESH"...that will sync the calendar w/ your iPhone. 

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