Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iPhone iPad 4G support in UAE

Apple iPhone 5 would support 4G network. This is a sure factor as new version of iPad 2 already supports 4G Networks. 4G would be 10 times faster than 3G network (around 150mbps speed). In UAE du and Etisalat already suppors 4G network. It was of great disappointment that iPhone4S did not support 4G to the disappointment of iPhone 4S buyers.

In terms of network technology especially mobile technology, UAE is comparable to international standards. New iPad supports 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) on 700 MHz spectrum. But the new iPhone 5 is supposed to support 4G LTE on 1800 MHz.

The Dubai based du which is a new entrant to the market when compared to Etisalat which is the pioneer in the field in the region are in good competition in satisfying the customers and rising to international standards in mobile communication technology.

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